NSW Welcomes Rail Trails

NSW Welcomes Rail Trails!

The NSW Government’s historic Rail Trails Bill has passed through Parliament, empowering our regional communities to convert disused rail corridors into walking and riding tracks.

The Transport Administration Amendment (Rail Trails) Bill 2022 alters the Transport Administration Act 1988, streamlining an outdated and onerous legislation that stipulated that an individual bill must be passed for every abandoned railway line to designate it as disused. This process severely delayed rail trail projects across NSW, while other states were able to convert rails into trails, many of which are now key tourism assets.

We can attest how onerous this process was, as this was the case for the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, in which the long awaited (years!) Legislative changes was finally passed in the Lower House in 2020 for our project, which you can read about HERE and HERE

For future rail trail projects in NSW this will provide a more streamlined process. The legislation enables the Minister for Transport to grant 30-year leases to local governments for disused government-owned NSW rail corridors, to enable the corridors to be used for tourism purposes.
“This bill will allow regional councils to transform these spaces into treasured public places.” Mr Stokes said.

– Transport for NSW Media Release HERE
– A great article with Rail Trails Australia President Damian McCrohan HERE
– and the new NSW Process for Establishing a Rail Trail HERE should you have thoughts of setting up a rail trail project!

Introducing... Our New Logo


How fresh and exciting – our logo has been updated as part of a suite of logos for all the arms of the NRRT project. For those who have newly joined us:

The NRRT Supporters are the not-for-profit community arm of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail – driving support at all levels, including volunteering, applications for funding, engineering reports, industry knowledge, media and information, community events, donations, opportunities for community groups, maintenance and conservation projects. Simply by reading this newsletter you are part of this wonderful network of support pushing this project forward.

We are 100% volunteers of local government councillors, staff and leaders of the tourist industry, and community representatives. We do not receive any gov funding, and work solely based on donations.

From 2013, we had a vision to preserve and revitalise 130km of disused rail corridor between Murwillumbah and Casino, converting it to a world class car-free corridor for our spectacular Northern Rivers.

Since then we have worked tirelessly to prove community passion, information and the necessity and viability for this project to local councils, Federal and Aus Government, and NSW Parliament. By joining one of our events, returning community feedback, volunteering with our crew, exchanging specific skills or knowledge, emailing councillors, or sparking conversations you have done the same.

Now, with close partnerships from local councils, state and federal governments, and some sections fully funded, the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is on its way!

As our Rail Trail is so long (130km) it falls into different council boundaries – each section will be constructed and managed by the corresponding council.

Due to gov funding allocation, Tweed Shire Council is spearheading and managing official Rail Trail assets, marketing etc – and doing an incredible job!

For Rail Trail experiences, opportunities and construction updates check out the official NRRT website (this one) and socials
The latest planning and construction updates can also be found there and their newsletter here:
Look around this site to find links to each council and where they are at with each section.

For volunteering, skills and knowledge for specific funding or maintenance, donations for community projects, community representation via events or opportunities for community groups, and joining a Rail Trail movement that is worldwide – that’s us!

Join us via

We are so excited for what’s to come, and that the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is visually representing what has always been in our hearts – an incredible asset for the whole community to enjoy.

Work on the Tweed's New Gravel Starts

Construction work on the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is ramping up with work starting this week on the final gravel surface for the Tweed section of the trail.

After an extended run of dry weather, work to lay down the new compacted gravel surface is starting at several points along the trail including at Burringbar, Stokers Siding and South Murwillumbah.

Read all about it HERE