Great time to get some more funding!

We have registered an E petition to the NSW Parliament to call upon them to fund the rest of stage 2 of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, from Bentley to Eltham. (Casino to Bentley is already fully funded)

Open the link and scroll to the bottom of the petition list to find our petition!   “Funding required to complete stage 2 of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail – Bentley to Eltham section” 
The legislation is hopefully to be finalised this week to allow the Rail Trail construction to progress and therefore the rail trail is in the minds of Government at the moment – a good time to raise the funding issue!
 Will you please as a matter of urgency go to the link above and sign the petition and then share this information with all of your supportive contacts.  Our petition is about number 17 on the list. (NB the train lobby has a petition too, don’t get them confused please!)  Our aim is a fast and hard campaign for at least 5000 signatures in the first two weeks to show overwhelming community support.   Go for it!