May Newsletter


The Casino to Murwillumbah rail corridor is safer this week after the State Government introduced legislation to preserve the Rosewood to Tumbarumba corridor near Wagga Wagga. 

Minister Andrew Constance lodged the Transport Administration Amendment (Closure of Railway Line between Rosewood and Tumbarumba) Bill 2017 on 2 May. This bill is model legislation for rail trails across NSW.  It ensures their corridor remains in state ownership as a community asset.

This Bill will make it faster for similar legislation to be passed for our rail trail. When the legislation for our corridor is passed it will also protect our corridor from sale and development by private interests and keep this valuable community asset for public use.

The Snowy Valley Council has been granted $4.8 million to build 22Km of rail trail on this section of the closed rail line. As Minister Constance said:

The Rosewood to Tumbarumba Rail Trail will have a positive impact on local communities, providing increased business and tourism opportunities for the surrounding region as well as enabling better access to this incredible part of our State.
“Current and forecast rail passenger and freight patterns suggest it is unlikely that the Tumbarumba to Rosewood railway line will ever be required for future railservices, however the arrangements will ensure that the corridor can be resumed by Transport for NSW for operational purposes if the need arises.”

This means the corridor is available for future rail services if needed!

The same is true for the Casino to Murwillumbah corridor.

There has been great progress on our region’s rail trail. All four councils are actively seeking funding for feasibility, planning and construction of sections of the trail. State and federal governments have indicated support for the Northern Rivers Rail Trailand positive funding announcements should follow.

The Northern Rivers community needs to get behind the rail trail and ask our government representatives for the same support given to Tumbarumba.


The crowd funding campaign will be launched on 6th June.

Once you have the link please DONATE and FORWARD it to your contacts and SHARE on your Facebook page. This is our big chance to help Lismore and Richmond Valley do a detailed plan of the corridor their end. This could be very helpful when submitting their proposal to the State Government for the new funding recently released.

Save your donations for the crowd funding in June please.
Look out for this image in June – on Facebook or your email or newsletter and please don’t go past it without responding. We need everyone on board with this if you want a rail trail!


Marie and Richard at the wonderful Eltham Pantry Market. Lots of young people with small children enjoying the day. Amazing interest in the rail trail. The big question : WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN? Email us if you can help.

Rail Trails are for families

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