NEWSLETTER Over $62K reached in 3.5 weeks! Only 2.5 days left & our target is $75K!

What a brilliant effort – we may as well keep it going!

The money we raise, we keep – which will be a great help. The more we have, the better the engineering plan will be.

The campaign has been fantastic – not only for raising funds, but for engaging the community in this great project. We have had many offers of help and numerous positive comments from people wanting this to happen!


Please click on the image, to open the campaign,  see what it’s all about and to make a donation.


A seasoned collaborator and worldwide traveller, Brian Hodges is a travel and editorial photographer known for capturing authentic moments and images with a powerful connection to place. Brian believes that great photography is not just about captivating images, but creating images with lasting emotional impact.

His award-winning work is featured in such distinguished publications as Conde Nast Traveler, Photo District News, National Geographic Traveler, GEO Magazine, and many others. He regularly contributes his photographic talent to charitable organizations worldwide, leveraging the power of imagery to increase awareness for their causes.

This is what Brian has to say about our proposed Rail Trail.

“With our family, we moved to the Byron area last year from Santa Barbara, Ca. The one (and probably only) thing we miss from Santa Barbara is the extensive network of bicycle lanes. Here, the roads tend to be narrow, windy, and poorly suited to bicycle traffic. As a result we find we’re driving the car much more than we desire. In Santa Barbara, we were able to use our bicycles not just for recreation, but also for utility. Often we would connect a trailer to the back and do our farmer’s market shopping, etc. The climate and culture of the Northern Rivers region are perfectly suited for cycling. I’m confident the community would benefit immensely from having the rail corridor re-purposed into an asset all of us could enjoy.”