NRRT Inc News Letter – Fundraiser and Expressions of Interest. 01-04-15

 ‘The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is an extraordinary opportunity to develop a neglected and deteriorating state asset into a productive and stunning NSW tourism icon’.

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Next Steps – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST submitted ahead of schedule!

Great news – the Northern Rivers Rail Trail Association has submitted it’s expression of interest to the State Government ahead of schedule.
The present proposal is for approximately $40million to fund the Northern Rivers Rail Trail – setting up the way for future rail trails in NSW.
The rail trail will encourage high spending, longer staying tourists throughout the North Coast Rivers. 
There are numerous benefits including:

 Positive job creation and economic benefits for the region and for NSW

 A strong vision backed with a practical and deliverable project plan

✓ A sustainable and profitable operating business model

 Demonstrated community support and engagement

✓ Improves community health outcomes and builds social cohesion

 Enhances appreciation for the natural environment

 Preserves the rail corridor for any future transport plans  

 Aligned with key State Government and Community Strategic Plans

The Government has indicated it will respond by 31 May to let us know if they have shortlisted the NRRT project and possibly invite us to submit a detailed application.
A lot of work has gone into the Expression of Interest – many thanks for everyone for keeping up the momentum for this fantastic project and for your valuable input and support
Congratulations to Tamara Smith for her brilliant campaign, securing her the seat of Ballina. What a great opportunity for the Greens to embrace the “greenest” project in NSW! To protect and regenerate native forests and cultural heritage as well as generating green and clean jobs from a fantastic piece of tourist infrastructure. We hope Tamara can 
co-operate with the State Government to help produce a world class rail trail.
Thank you to the sponsors