Petition to Byron Bay Council

The rail corridor in Byron Shire has remained mostly unused for nearly 20 years. We have seen the amazing benefits of the Tweed Rail Trail that has benefited locals, local businesses and tourists alike. Over 70,000 people have used the Tweed Rail Trail in the first four months (17,000 were predicted).

Byron Shire council has so far not supported the local section of the rail trail. There are real projects that would connect to the Rail Trail, like the shared path on the line through Bangalow, that would be cancelled without council voting in support of the Rail Trail.

While the decision 20 years ago to remove the trains from our community was the wrong choice, it is clear that trains are not coming back and we need to use the rail corridor before it literally rots away.

A Rail Trail would enable locals and visitors alike to get around our shire without using cars. There will be a vote at council on August 24 on whether to support a Rail Trail or not.

Click on the link below to sign this petition to show your support to use the railway corridor and  the Rail Trail in our Shire.

Started by Asren Pugh