We made our target in just less than a month, from over 770 donations, ranging from $2 to $2,500, with an average of $25. Fantastic result! We can’t tell you how important this campaign has been – not only for raising money but for showing the government how serious our community is about the trail.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the campaign by donating and sharing, and for all the offers of help we have received.

Members of the Rail Trail Association met with Robert Mustow (Mayor of Richmond Valley) and Cr. Gianpiero Battista (Lismore Council) to present them a ceremonial cheque of $75,000. Robert Mustow hailed the campaign as a “wonderful effort” which will make the State Government aware there is strong community support for the venture.
Cr. Battista said the campaign’s success confirmed his sense that the rail trail was the best way forward for the corridor.

He said, whether or not the project attracted funding this time around, the engineering study will be money well spent and will make the project shovel ready.

NRRT Committee Members – John Bennett, Hilary Wise, Marie Lawton and Sol Ibrahim 

We were very privileged to have Rail Trails Australia’s “king” Frank Kinnersley with us for 2 days, talking rail trails and exploring our region. He is a wonderful character and extremely helpful and a wealth of information! 

Rail Trail Supporters with Frank Kinnersley from Rail Trails Australia.